Description: Food made from flour and yeast.
Ideal for: Carp, tench, bream chub and roach.
Where from: Bakers shop or supermarkets.

Bread is a bait that is as old as the sport itself and it is still just as effective now as it was when cavemen were baiting their bone hooks with it centuries ago. It is readily available in many different shapes sizes and colours but for the fisherman plain white bread, either sliced or un-sliced, is the king as bait and the fresher the better. It can be used to target many species of fish of all sizes, from small roach on punched pellets of bread to thirty pound plus carp on matchbox sized lumps of crust. It can be used in a variety of ways but perhaps the three most commonly used are as flake, crust and punch.


Bread flake is the soft fluffy white interior of the loaf of bread that when hooked correctly sinks in a slow and enticing manner that attracts a number of species of fish. Choose your hook size to match the size of bait you are intending to use. When fishing for roach with small pieces of flake choose a size 14 or 12 hook, when targeting larger species like carp tench or chub with bigger lumps for use a size 10, 8 or 6. To hook your flake simply tear a piece out of the middle of a slice of fresh bread, lay the hook shank on it and fold the bread over the shank ensuring the point is clear before lightly squeezing it onto the shank leaving a soft fluffy looking hook bait. Because of the fear of the bait coming off the hook a common mistake is to squeeze the bread on too firmly resulting in a doughy blob of bread on the hook that doesn’t look appealing and is too hard to strike the hook through. Flake is meant to be soft and fluffy and should come off the hook every time you strike or wind in. If it doesn’t you are squeezing it on too firmly.


The crust of a loaf is a very buoyant bait that is devastating for surface feeding fish like carp, chub and rudd. For all but very small pieces of crust an un-sliced loaf is definitely best. Again choose your hook size to match the size of crust you are using but in most cases opt for large wide gape hooks from a size 6 up to a size 2. To hook the crust simply tear off a piece of crust push the point of the hook into and thread it through the crust, being careful not to split it. Bread crust softens very quickly in water so it doesn’t matter if the point is hidden because it will easily strike through the bait. As well as being fished on the surface bread crust can be suspended at any distance from the bottom simply by legering it with the required length hook length. This is a particularly effective technique for big river chub or carp on stillwaters. On commercial fisheries where floating baits are banned a piece of crust suspended six inches below the surface regularly wins matches all over the country.


Bread punch is simply a small compressed pellet of bread that is punched out of a slice of bread with a purpose built bread punch and is a deadly bait for winter roach. The key to producing a good punch hook bait is the tool you use. It should have a sharp brass cutting head with a slot in it to enable you to get the hook into the bait, many tackle companies make good bread punches with a range of different sized heads to produce different sized pellets of bread. To use simply place a slice of bread on a hard flat surface and push the punch into it with a twisting movement to ensure a clean cut. You will then have a pellet of bread lodged in the head of the bread punch. To transfer it onto the hook simply push the point of the hook through the slot and into the bread. Again choose your hook size to match the size of the pellet of bread you are using with sizes 22 to 18 being the most commonly used and remember the pellet will swell to at least twice its size when in the water.

Bread as Feed

The two most common ways of feeding bread into the swim are as mashed bread or liquidized bread. To make mashed bread simply put some stale bread into a bucket, add water and mash it up with your hands after it has soaked for a few minutes. It gives a milky white mush with some lumps in it that is particularly effective when chub fishing on rivers. To make liquidized bread simply add slices of bread to a liquidizer and switch it on. The longer you liquidize it the finer the crumb that is produced so for big fish leave the crusts on and just give it a quick blitz but for a super fine crumb for punch fishing for roach on a canal tear the crusts off first and give it at least a minute in the blender. Liquidized bread is particularly effective in an open end feeder when river fishing for big roach and chub as well as being an ideal partner for punch fishing for roach.

Top Bread Fishing Tips

1 – When punch fishing on the waggler press your slices of bread with a rolling pin or bottle before you go to make it a bit firmer and prevent it coming off the hook on the cast.

2 – Always keep your bread in an airtight polythene bag when fishing and only take out what you are using at the time to prevent it drying out too much.

3 – To perk up bread baits try spraying them with flavours or colours.

4 – Where surface baits are banned fish a piece of crust on a running leger. After casting pay line out until the bait reaches the surface and then wind in a few inches to just sink it under the surface.

5 – Liquidized bread keeps well in the freezer so if you have any left overs pop it into a polythene bag and into the freezer where it will keep for several months.


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