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Our database of venues in Yorkshire, including contact numbers and brief details of the fisheries and their rules. Feel free to use the form on the bottom of the page to let us know of any inaccuracies, or any other venues you think need adding.

Sheffield Area

Loxley Fisheries, Loxley
Best pegs on here are 1,2,3, and 31, and 32 where you can literally catch barbel up to 6lbs all day. Elsewhere there are loads of chub on pegs 7,8,and 9 and with stockies showing all round the fishery there are loads of bites to be had everywhere. There are also good bream showing all round with pegs 11,12,15 and 23 proving the best for the slabs. More info: 0114 286 4717

Dam Flask Fishery, Bradfield
There are bream to 5lbs to be had here as well as some massive chub and roach to 1 ½ lbs. The best methods are groundbait feeder with corn or worm, or waggler fished with maggot for the roach.

Morehall Water Gardens, Penistone
Morehall has carp to 8lbs showing in the top pond especially on meat baits and there are plenty of bites to be had on pole and maggot baits. You can also grab a bacon sandwich now whilst fishing, now that the adjacent garden centres café is open, aptly named the Kingfisher café, as it overlooks the middle pond. More info: 0114 2883388

Wiremill Dam, Sheffield
Crucian carp and tench are the predominant species in here, falling mainly to pellet and corn close to the lilies. There have also been a number of larger carp caught, ranging from 8 to 16lb, preferring the far bank, or the reeds in peg 1. Matches are planned throughout the course of next summer, though dates are yet to be confirmed. For more information on the venue or upcoming matches contact Chris Keeling on 07809172872.

KJS Fisheries, Killamarsh
Meat, fished across to the reeds on the far bank often works well on here, presented over lightly loose fed pellet and the odd hookbait sample. Catmeat is always worth a try too, but again go easy on the free offerings, these fish have seen it all, and often spook off a bed of bait, preferring to pick up odd bits as they drift in and out of the peg. The big carp lake also as a reputation for providing good sport, both to the pole anglers who target the smaller residents, and the specimen boys who are prepared to wait for a bigger fish to come along. Halibut pellets are the business on here, one or preferably two drilled and hair-rigged 11mm pellets cast to the island or strategically placed down the margins are robust enough to withstand the attentions of the lake’s vast head of silver fish until one of the big lads comes along. The first pond produces plenty of roach, crucians, tench, skimmers and small carp, no need to get any more complicated than simple maggots or casters here, or even pellet if you prefer, it’s a fish a chuck just over the nearside reeds, an ideal spot to take the kids, just sit ‘em down, watch the float go under and see the smiles on their faces. More Info: 01142 470876

KJS Aston Ponds, Sheffield
Method feeder is probably the top method for the carp and bream on here, with a corn or meat hook bait proving popular. Shallow fishing with maggot or caster works well for the venues resident roach and ide, which can also be caught really close in, with hemp and tare often working best on this line.More info: 07800675165

Howbrook Reservoir, High Green
Maggot and pellet are the favourite baits on here, with drip feeding the key to keeping fish coming.Expect weights up to 30lb of roach, skimmers, crucians and tench. It doesn’t cost a bomb to fish here either, a pint of maggots is all you need. Fish relatively light and continually drip feed in on the pole or waggler and you should catch all day.Day tickets are £3 for more info Tel: Eddie Lewis 01142 465136/ 07773482033

Rotherham Area

British Waterways Kiveton Waters, Kiveton
Both pole and feeder will catch you fish on here, so it provides anglers with plenty of options. There is no need to fish too far out on the pole line, drip feed pellet and caster at six metres and you will attract bites from the ponds carp, skimmers and tench on the Gold pool. Over on the Silver Pool, pellet is the best bet to attract bites from the ponds newly stocked pasties. Again feeding little and often is best.Check the board for fishery rules, day tickets £5, &, £3 concessions. For more info Tel, Wayne 07773102488 or Colette 07789954452

Straight Mile Fisheries, Dinnington
It is a bite a chuck at this prolific Rotherham venue, with roach, chub and carp all providing plenty of action for the anglers. In the warmer months there is often a lot of fish shallow, so maggot is the way to go if a massive net of roach is what you are after. Try the polyball at two to four metres, feeding ten maggots every 15 seconds, you will soon have the fish competing.For the chub, chopped worm and caster is the favoured method, start on the bottom at 13-14.5 metres, but you will nearly always find the fish come up in the water as the day progresses. For the carp, the margin is the best place to look, especially for the big fish late on in the match. Also worth a try is fishing corn shallow, don’t feed anything, just tap your pole on the water to attract bites.More info: 07771995331

Barnsley Area

Fleets Dam, Barnsley
The carp, which average around 6-7lb dominate proceedings here on pole and bomb tactic, with meat and corn being two of the best baits for them. Pellets also work wonders, with lots of skimmers to 2lb to be had in between the carp. Maggots, casters and other small offerings will also get plenty of skimmers on the feed along with other silvers. Boilies, loose fed floaters and pet meat not allowed. More Info: Tel: 01226 292579.

Worsborough Reservoir, Worsborough
A longish chuck with groundbait or method feeder is the way to find the better bream and carp, with maggot, corn and pellet, all being good hookbaits on their day. A fishmeal mix works best here, drawing in the better fish instead of the roach which can often peck at your bait causing false bites.

Also worth a try is hemp and caster, which is taking roach to well over the 1lb mark. There is no need to fish long when doing this,as fish can often be caught at 3-6 metres. Fish a light, strung out rig and feed little and often to keep fish coming all day. 30lb of roach is easily possible on here when conditions are right. More info: 01226203090

Doncaster Area

Hayfield Lakes, Auckley, Nr Doncaster
In the summer months, shallow fishing with pellets, meat or casters is the downfall of plenty of carp and F1s, with roach and ide thrown in for variety. Caster will catch everything that swims, providing you with a truly mixed bag, but for the match lads the more selective pellet or meat approach will pick out the weight-building carp. A paste line at 4-7m will usually throw up a few fish late in the session, as will a bigger bait fished in the margins. Use stout gear down the sides though; some huge fish have been landed lately, with reports of a 23lb fish landed in a recent club match. Contact: 01302711889

Stubbs Hall Farm, Hampole
In the warmer months, fishing towards the margins or into open water is your best bet with large pellets, meat and boilies. That said, the catfish are that ravenous when they get going, you could stick a tin can on your hook at times and still end up with an angry moggie in the bottom of your net! The silvers are also pretty prolific in here, with corn, maggot and caster all effective on their day, both up in the water and on the deck. Barbless hooks only is the only major rule, with common sense to be used while fishing all the time. Tel: 0777 1523128.

Bank End Fisheries, Finningley, Nr Doncaster
The record for the match lake here stands at a staggering 170lb, amazing when you consider that the vast majority of the fish in the 34 peg lake are less than 1lb in weight! In the warmer months, pellet fished shallow at 6-11m or on the deck 3-4 sections out are all that are needed here, indeed a common mistake that many anglers make on matches is to fish too far out, it really is a shipping race at times, and obviously the angler who catches a fish a chuck at 4m will always beat the lads who do the same at 10. Paste fished over the top of the pellets will often lure a slightly bigger stamp of fish than pellet, but be warned, don’t waste too much time chasing the bigger samples as you can quickly fall behind, and although there are some bigger fish in the lake, they are so outnumbered by the smaller, piranha-like stockies that the odds of catching them to order are slim! Over on the East and West lakes, shallow waggler or pole techniques work well, but the really big fish can be found down the margins for those prepared to lay the trap and wait for them to move in. Make sure your gear is up to the job though, big fish on these lakes really are BIG! Double figure fish are common, and the deep water close to the bank means they set off on a blistering run when they feel the steel! Contact: 01302 770224

Willowgarth Fisheries, Doncaster
This venue is stuffed to the brim with silver fish that can usually be relied upon to feed well, with big double figure catches of roach and rudd possible from virtually every peg. All methods will work, although fishing short and shallow with maggot and caster will see loads of redfins ending up in your net. It’s not all silvers though, with plenty of good carp to mid doubles showing to bigger baits presented on the bottom towards features and the margins. Bread and dog biscuits fished on the surface are real winners in the warmer weather! Peas, nuts and beans are banned. Tel: 01302 563728.

West Yorkshire

Sally Walsh’s Dam, Kinsley
Groundbait feeder is the way to go for the bream and carp in the warmer months on here, with a 40-60 yard chuck generally putting you amongst fish. Pellet, and bolile are the favoured baits among the regulars, but chopped worm, maggot and corn all work just as well for you purists out there.

There are also plenty of roach and skimmers showing on the pole line, with anglers catching particularly well over a bed of groundbait. More info: 07867741443

Raygill Fishery, Lothersdale, Keighley
This venue is stuffed with fish, including plenty of specimens to low double figures, which often fall to pellet and surface baits. The skimmers tend to dominate the matches, with nets around 30lb commonplace. The wind plays a key part of where the winners are going to come from however. Corn and pellet has been working well for both skimmers and carp, and has also been fooling the odd tinca on pole or waggler tactics. Pegs are usually available for pleasure anglers on the main course lake, although it is best to call and check on 01535 632500 to be sure.

Gascoigne Wood Fishery, Sherburn
Good old maggots and caster works best for the silvers on here, while bigger baits such as meat, corn and pellet will see the carp come to the feed. Groundbait and boilies are banned. Day tickets are charged at £5. Tel: 0796 0136870.

East Yorkshire

Oak Mere Lakes, Skipwith, Selby
Floating bread will work well on warmer days here, while meat and pellet fished hard on the bottom, either in open water or the margins will work when the sun refuses to shine. Away from the carp scene, maggot and caster will catch loads of roach, rudd, orfe and tench on either pole or waggler presented at around 2-3ft deep.. A heavy stream of feed is generally a good way to go about keeping the fish in your swim in the warmer months, but obviously anglers should be a little more cautious in the cooler weather. Keepnets are permitted now that the closed season has passed. Tel: 01757 288910.

Newhay Lakes, Cliff, Selby
The chub and ide in the pleasure pool here are absolutely prolific, with nets around the 50lb mark easily achievable for most anglers. The carp are not to be ignored either, with caster and meat working well for these.

The Specimen Lake is full of massive carp up to 30lb, with plenty of good twenties and mid doubles also featuring. Boilies and big pieces of meat are there meal of choice in warmer months, and it is advised that you feed plenty, as they will soon mop up a carpet of bait once they’ve turned up. The Specimen Lake must be pre-booked, with prices starting from as little as £12 for a day. For more information on bait restrictions and other ticket prices call 01757 638383

North Yorkshire

York Area

Willows Lakes, Hessay
Catmeat fished over a bed of pellets is good for the carp on here in the warmer months, and shallow fishing with pellets and meat also works well. For the silvers, shallow with maggot and caster is the way to go, and chopped worm also works well in the colder weather, they aren’t to be ignored either, as weights of ide to 80lb are commonplace. Day tickets are £6 for adults and £5 for concessions. Tel: 01904 738206.

Elvington Lake, Elvington, York
If the chance of bagging a massive a specimen while sat in glorious surroundings is your cup of tea, then this place has to be worth a shot. The lake is very deep in places, and holds carp and carp to 30lb and catfish to 35lb. These fish fight hard, so you should use appropriate gear combined with large baits such as boilies and big pellets. The margins will often be good for a fish or two, while finding the deep holes can also produce a few runs from the venues monsters. The silver fish are also proving reliable feeders, with maggot and caster fished close to the bank the best tactic. Day tickets are £5 a day. Tel: 01904 608255.

Hoxne Farm Fishery, Strensall
The bottom ponds at this popular Yorkshire fishery are stocked with a good mixed head of both silver fish and carp. Try corn, or maggot and caster on the pole, feeding regularly little and often . The Bankdown Pond holds carp to well over 20lb, but averaging around mid double figures. Try fishing the margins or up to features on meat, corn and small pineapple boilies. The lake is also full of massive stripeys, with a 2lb fish certainly not uncommon. Anything that wriggles will attract the attention of these gargantuan perch. Groundbait and keepnets in pleasure sessions are banned, while barbless hooks must be used at all times. Tel: 01904 490726.

Conifer Lake, Allerthorpe
This scenic fishery always produces plenty of mixed bags for anglers, with a good head of both carp and silver fish providing varied fishing. Anglers are advised to follow the wind if they want to locate the lakes massive head of resident slabs. Once found, a groundbait feder fished with worm or maggot, or pole fished long with similar baits could see nets to 100lb. Elasticated method feeder are banned and only one tin of corn per session is permitted. Tel: 0789 0736814.

Paradise Fishery, Melbourne
This venue will always produce loads of fish, although take along plenty of bait with you, as heavy feeding is a must if you are too keep the vast shoals in your peg throughout your bagging session. The carp in here are big, with some specimens running to almost 20lb. Surface baits or meat and pellet fished towards the features is often the best bet on here. Day tickets are charged at £10 a day and only one of the two lakes is for the use of day ticket angler’s with the other being for residents. For more details call 01759 318452.

Thirsk Area

Woodlands Lakes, Thirsk
Often hailed as Yorkshires top commercial fishery, Woodlands Lakes boasts a number of varied lakes catering for match and pleasure anglers alike.The five main match lakes, Skylark, Partridge, Kestrel, Curlew and Wagtail, are all rectangular in shape and boast good heads of both carp and silver fish. In the warmer months, corn, luncheon meat and pellet fished both on the deck and shallow seem to work well here, but anglers are advised not to neglect the middle of the lake, where a small bomb fished with luncheon meat can also often produce.The smaller, old match and pleasure lakes are also solid with both silver fish and carp. Maggot and soft pellet fished short will often catch the silvers, while pole or bomb to one of the mnay islands fished with a bigger bait should temp the carp into having a feed.Tel: Craig or Jimmy Kent, Woodlands Tackle, 01845 526110

The Oaks Fishery, Sessay
It seems this fishery is going from strength to strength, with sport on all lakes seeming to be improving year on year. On Cedar Lake, there are loads of carp to be caught on pellet and maggot, with presenting bait to the far bank, or at around 12 metres shallow, or on the bottom in colder weather the best ways to tempt the resident F1’s and stockies. Paste is also worth a try, both at the bottom of the far shelf, and down the margins.On Maple Lake, fishing to the far bank cover is similarly effective, with meat seeming to be the bait of choice on here. Down the track can also be productive for the lunkers, as Kieron Rich has proved in one of our Clubstar V Superstar features. Again, the margins are worth a try on here, and it is sometimes possible to tempt the odd bigger fish off this line.

Alders lake fishes well to long pole shallow with caster or maggot, with this method proving effective for the ide and chub. Pellet and paste is also worth a try for the lakes carp, some of which run to over 10lb!

Poplars lake is best fished, with pellets, meat and hemp to get amongst the lakes carp. Chopped worm is also worth a try, especially up to the islands where the bigger fish tend to lurk. Contact: 01845 501321


  1. Mr S Hewitt

    Feb 27, 2008

    I like the look of the site, it does seem reasonably informative. My only question would be why are there no references to Yorkshire rivers in the venue guide? There is some fantastic sport to be had around the region on running water why not mention it.

  2. Tom

    Feb 28, 2008

    Glad you like the site- we are currently working on extending the venues we cover in the venue guide section, as well as adding more features from a range of venues from across the country. I have just added another feature from the rivers nidd and tees in the learn to fish section, and then there is the lollipop fishing article from the techniques section with Mick Lodge, which is also on a Yorkshire river.

    I would also really appreciate it if you could submit reports/ reviews of yorkshire rivers you know and fish however, any content you send in will be used!

  3. John Barlow

    Sep 22, 2008

    it would be realy helpful if you could say if it is accessable for disabled anglers

  4. dave

    Oct 08, 2008

    As a beginer would like some places to fish near Hull Dave,,

  5. tmc

    Oct 09, 2008

    never fished the place,but heard that risby park is near hull and apparently its a mint fishery.www.risbypark.co.uk

  6. ROB

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  7. roger

    Apr 15, 2009

    i would like to see and about venues within the hull area to thank you

  8. the tangler

    Jun 14, 2009

    it really would be a good help to know the access for the disabled

  9. ray blowman

    Jul 25, 2009

    hi roger can give yuo plenty imfo for fishing around the hull area phone 01482 703693

  10. david

    Aug 16, 2009

    risby park is a good i go there a lot and you can catch a lot of ghost carp and mirrow carp i think you should try it

  11. steve

    Oct 05, 2009

    east yorkshire .i believe conifer lake at allerthorpe is no longer a day ticket also i think hoanxeis also no longer a day ticket.

  12. andy67

    Jan 15, 2010

    any good venues in lancashire area please

  13. bobbyjon

    Jun 02, 2010

    best way to fish chopped worm and caster is to make sure its freshly chopped just before potting it in, maybe even add a little water to the mix, this sometime helps cloud the spot up a little and draws in more fish. Dont go mad with the casters and also dont over feed, which this can vary depending if your on commercial carp waters. also try not to use bramlin worms, there the ones with the yellow insides, as they just dont have the same affect for some reason.

  14. Ben

    Sep 06, 2010

    Hi i Live In sheffield iam 14 years old and would love to start match fishing
    have u got any matches i can attend.


    • k.trickett

      Sep 27, 2010

      hi ben i run morehall fisheries
      if you know 5 to 10 other under 16’s that want to do match fishing
      i’ll start up some matches for you.
      all the best kev

  15. k.trickett

    Sep 14, 2010

    morehall water gardens was never in penistone its at wharncliffe side sheffield. the site closed over 2 years ago,but has now re-opened for fishing only (january 2010).
    it has 2 ponds both have carp,tench roach,rudd,ide and bream in them,you can look at the web site http://www.morehallfisheries.co.uk or phone 07733460173

  16. Lukej123

    May 07, 2011

    Had a great day on Moorehall Fisheries today! Caught loads of fish including quality rudd, carp and tench on pole fished maggot. Highly recommend this venue.

  17. Rino

    Jul 27, 2011

    on the willows, hessay. i went for just 5 hour session on a muggy day with corn as hook bait and hand trowing pellets on top of my ledger rig and it produced a good catch of around 20 carp smallest at 5lb and the biggest at 21lb would recomend the to every1 to youngster’s and seasoned anglers but on floating bread on a hot day its like hook a duck at a fair ground with arp from small to big coming to have a go. pls get in contact if you would like to know more, on 07743907381. P.S pls look into putting none-go-by farm on these 3 lakes are very good fishing for silvers and carp with lots of 25lb + fish in the spesiman lake.

  18. Gordon Garforth

    Sep 28, 2011

    why bo all commesials allow keepnets on matches for 6 hrs—but pleasure anglers cant i personaly think they are stupid idiots–the owners as the would get a lot more fivers letting pleasure angles to use nets—but wot the hell—-hypocrits


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