We run through venues in the Warwickshire region, included in our guide is brief venue information and contact details.Barby Banks, Rugby
The main lake is fishing consistently now with bottom fed baits such as corn and meat scoring really well. Potting in corn and fishing either corn or cat meat over the top is a top method producing good carp bags, with fish of all sizes up to double figures. Bread can still be a good bet on calm, brighter days although you may need to fish a shallow rig just below the surface if the wind picks up. The good areas change with the conditions but generally the islands are the most consistent with pegs 51 to 62 being the best draws. The first straight produced an 86lb club match winner recently though showing that the form can change. The Marshes section is producing winning match weights of between 50lb and 80lb and well worth the walk round. Tel: Richard Bubb on 07973 654336 for details.

Bishop’s Bowl, Bishop’s Itchington

Bishops Bowl Fishery is owned and managed by Shaun and Sarah Smart. Ongoing improvements to the 90 acre site are underway, with new lakes being introduced, and existing ones being made more accessible. Currently there are a total of 9 lakes, with more being opened throughout 2010/11. The lakes range from half an acre to 25 acres, and include match and pleasure lakes, plus two specimen carp waters, with carp to 30lbs, which also have pike to 20lbs. Some of the lakes have been stocked, whilst others have been allowed to evolve naturally. All the lakes are surrounded by a vast array of flora and fauna, the whole 90 acre site enclosed by cliff faces, some of which are SSSI.   Telephone 07970 196044   or 01926 612379


BW Makins, Hinckley
This entire fishery was created for the angler’s enjoyment with 18 lovely landscaped pools and over 500 pegs, 200 of which are set aside for pleasure anglers. There are 14 different species of fish, vast amounts of carp including koi, some good chub and barbel and lots of silvers in all the phases. Each of the phases of the fishery is served with their own car park and toilet facilities. Recent open weights have all topped 100lb with close to 100lb needed just to make the top five, and 50lb-plus to make a section with these kind of back up weights it justifies Makins as one of the countries best and most consistent fisheries. Bagging or pellet waggler, in line method feeder or pole fishing are the best three methods to fish pellet being the best bait at the moment. Call the bailiff on 07710 175132 or BW on 01827 252066.

Coombe Country Park, Binley, nr Coventry

Plenty of silver fish to be had on the waggler line here or by fishing normal pole tactics but there are no real hot spots to head for at present. The predator anglers should be starting to pay the venue some attention soon as there are plenty of big fish striking on the silver fish shoals. Both pike and zander fed prolifically here. Anglers wanting to get the best of the zander fishing really need to target these fish at night, which means obtaining a season ticket. These cost £70 and even for the winter represents good value. Don’t forget this is a water that produced 60 doubles between September and Christmas two seasons ago and you just never know when the next lump of a zander is going to be banked. Tel The Visitor Centre on 02476 453720 for any information or check out www.coventry.gov.uk

Kingston Coarse Fishing Pools, Lighthorne
Tucked away in the South Warwickshire countryside, this intimate fishery is a hidden paradise for pleasure and specialist anglers alike. There are five pools to choose from and each one has been carefully sculpted to create plenty of enticing fish-holding features and comfortable pegs. Every lake at Kingston is unique in character but they all share similar stockings with quality silverfish, perch and bream (to 5lb) in abundance. For the specialist angler it is the carp that are the real story onsite. The carp pool is the established big fish water with a well-deserved local reputation for 20s a-plenty (and boasting a lake record of 31lb plus), but large specimens abound throughout the complex with upper doubles a common occurrence for those with sturdy enough tackle. Boilies, meat and pellets are perennial venue favourites but as with any popular water it pays to do something different to get the edge on the competition. If the Carp Pool is overcrowded have a look at Meadow, the mirrors and commons have been piling on the weight over the last year and a 30lb surprise is well on the cards for the dedicated angler. Barbless hooks only, no bloodworm. Groundbait is allowed in moderation. Reed Pool is available for match bookings. Telephone: 01926 640 479.

Lanny’s Lagoon, Stretton-under-Fosse
The small pool is producing plenty of crucians to the pellet approach while maggot or worm will catch all species in the margins. Cooler conditions see the fish move out into the deeper water in the centre of the lakes but a recent trip to view the venue showed there was no shortage of fish in the venue. Carp to double figures were basking in the afternoon sun and evidence of feeding bottom fish showed all around. An excellent venue to get off the beaten track for some peace and quiet and the shelter provided by the tree-lined banks means you can use any method with ease. Tel: John Lanwarne on 07970 907995 or Bob Woodley on 07961 963765.

River Avon, Myton Fields, Warwick
This popular stretch of the Avon lies in the shadow of Warwick’s imposing castle and offers a wide variety of species to tempt the visiting angler including quality tench, large bream (including the odd whacker to 8lb plus), specimen perch to 3lb, chub to 5lb, and a small head of river carp that grow to the high 20s (and possibly beyond). Autumn is a great time to be angling on this stretch as for the most part, the tourists have left town and pleasure boat disturbance is at a minimum. Do watch out for the serious rowers though; they go very fast, hugging the banks and they don’t bother trying to avoid angler’s lines. Fish close in until they have packed up for the night or try back-leading to avoid inconsiderate oars and unnecessary confrontations. Waggler and pole with fine lines work brilliantly in clear, low conditions for the roach, bream and chub. Try a ground-bait feeder if the water is coloured. Access is excellent in dry weather (off the Myton Road) and it is usually possible to park in front of your peg. Telephone: 01455 220 045.

River Leam, Leamington
Above the weir in Jephson Gardens, anglers are reporting a large increase in the numbers of tench caught. They are not huge creatures, averaging 2-3lb, but they are a welcome addition to any pleasure net. Club stalwart Anthony Simmons recently fished Victoria Park (enjoying a mixed bag of skimmers and decent roach on bread punch and liquidized feed) when a chance encounter with a fellow angler caused some confusion; “He told me there were some sizeable bream on the stretch, so when the next fish took off in the direction of Warwick, I naturally assumed it was a big slab. When I finally got the little blighter to the net, it turned out to be a strange common carp with koi-type scales”. Below the park, and the weir at Prince’s Drive, the chub fishing is still as good as ever with large smelly baits a favourite tactic. Luncheon meat, lobworm and gobstopper pellets really come into their own when there is a tinge of colour to the water, and you can expect to encounter hard-fighting chevin to 5lb plus the odd bonus roach to nearly 2lb. No livebaiting or coarse dead baits. No braided hook lengths. No artificial baits other than spinners and lures. Telephone: 01926 312 319 or visit www.leamingtonangling.co.uk

Spring Pools, Newton, nr Rugby
The match lake at the bottom continues to fish consistently with winning club match weights averaging around the 50lb mark. Good pegs are 1, 2 and 8 down the right side or the deeper pegs on the dam, numbers 12 and 13. Tel: Reg on 07928 073089 for information or Richard Bubb on 07973 654 336 for match bookings.

Stockton Reservoir, nr Rugby
This 66 peg venue is a real favourite amongst the pleasure anglers and although mainly carp dominated some excellent mixed bags are taken. This time of year a little and often approach will put a better net of fish together feeding via a kinder pot or small amounts via a catapult. A chopped worm and caster line will be the best method as this will attract all species including bream, roach, perch, tench some good crucians and of course the resident carp which often turn up and catch you by surprise. Don’t fish lighter than 0.14 mm line as the carp often tear off due to the evenness of the bottom, expect 50lb pleasure bags. There are 66 large platforms to fish off and a large car park adjacent to the fishery. Fishing times 6 am till dusk, drive through the blue bias public house to reach the car park. For more information call BW on 01827 252 066.

Toft Lakes, Dunchurch
This recently opened venue is starting to settle into a pattern after the first summer of business. On a recent visit, pleasure anglers on the Carp Lake were getting a bite a chuck, everywhere they cast, on whatever method they were using. Over on the Silver fish lake sport seemed a lot slower but anglers were catching quality fish with roach and rudd over 1lb showing well. There have been a few organised events held recently and the main lake is producing winning weights around the 50lb mark. No special methods required, in fact one regular visitor says he has been winning a match or two using rod and line with a small waggler and maggot, typical of results targeting new stock fish. The fish size has increased over the first few months as well with quite a few fish pushing the 1lb mark. Matches on the canalised smaller lake are being won with 10lb to 15lb. The best method here seems to be anding the deeper area of the peg and fishing pole and caster. Tel: Mike on 07934 237103 for details or Esther on 07837 445 810 for match bookings. Midweek opens: Tony Ward on 07899 09515


  1. Jon Payne

    Dec 19, 2008

    My mate has taken over the food van atParkers in Bulkington Serving good wholesome food and the fishery has on peg parking and is full of fish!

  2. pip

    Mar 21, 2009

    Fished a comp there today Steve was very helpful with tactics and also served a fantastic BACON BATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DaveD

    Apr 07, 2009

    do you know if thay have week day matchies at parkers ?

  4. terry

    Jul 26, 2009

    try the riddings in grendon its really fun youll bag up fish all day and there are fish over 30 pounds but the specimen’s are very hard to catch the fish should average about 8 pound

  5. Darren Barr

    Aug 12, 2009

    just started fishing for the first time and would be really thankful for any tips on set ups and methods for fishing on river leam victoria park area. thanks

  6. Dave

    Sep 10, 2009

    BW Makins is in Wolvey not Hinckley, your about 15 miles out.

  7. ashley blyth

    May 16, 2010

    i have a match in 3 weeks at bw makins lakes at wolvey.. please could you tell me the best way to fish the lakes, bait wise and feed wise..any other tips would be brill…………. thanks….

  8. Mario

    Jun 27, 2010

    Could you give me the address to get to the fishing ground Barby Banks in Rugby many thanks


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