Staffordshire Fisheries

Our guide to places to fish in Staffordshire including information on venues, and contact details.

Coppice Lane Fishery, Hammerwich, nr. Lichfield
The four pools here are currently on very good form and offer anglers the ability to target any fish species. Bottom and middle pools are stocked with a variety of fish, including carp, crucians, tench, skimmers, roach and rudd, these are responding well to soft pellets on the deck over micro pellets feed, fishing up in the water with maggots and casters will ensure that plenty of silver fish are caught. Top pool is best for the big carp which average around 4 – 6lb but some fish in the 9lb to 10lb bracket have been caught in the margins, currently sweet corn, pellet and paste are all producing lots of fish. The open water fishing around 9 meters is producing tench on sweet corn and the chub, roach and rudd are also feeding well to catch these fish shallow with double maggot (or corn to sort out the larger samples). Becketts pool is the largest with 82 pegs open and club match’s are being won here with weights averaging around 40lb. Popular current baits are small soft pellets and maggots fished at around four and seven metres ou,t just off the second ledge. Pleasure anglers are catching over a 100 fish per session (carp, crucians and tench), light elastics and small hooks are order of the day as the majority of fish are around the 1lb mark, the average depth is around 6ft but pegs 22 – 28 are around 9ft, deep, Pegs are always available for day ticket angling contact Lawrence on 07702 695 827 for details.

Curborough Fishery, Watery Lane, Lichfield
The fishery is producing lots of fish for both pleasure and match anglers who are enjoying excellent sport Swan pool has recently received a stocking of small to medium sized carp day ticket anglers are bagging up using sweet corn and carp pellets fished at 6to 8mts veteran Stafford match angler Dougie Bell won a recent open from peg 39 with 48lb+ using pole and paste, however, maggot will ensure lots of bites from the many silver fish and odd good bream. The New Match Lake maintains the most consistent form and has been producing lots of 10oz to 1lb skimmers from most pegs, carp between 2lb and 4lb are being caught on pellets with micro pellets popular as feed, and soft 6mm or 4mm pellets on the hook these are fished on 6m and 12m pole and down the margins. The host of small brown goldfish in The Canal are being caught on almost any peg and bait, fished on pole to the far ledge and down the margins The pegs in the 40’s have been producing lots of bigger carp to over 4lb on sweet corn fished down the inside shelf in about 4ft. of water. One pool is always kept free of matches for pleasure anglers and day tickets cost £5.50 contact either Chris or Robin on 07890 333 227 or 07900 904 043 for information.

Fisherwick Pools, Nr. Lichfield
This mature 6 lake fishery is currently in good form, the 42 peg Match Lake has benefited from a recent stocking of large numbers of skimmers and bream from 7oz to 8lb and several thousand roach up to 1lbs and it is anticipated that the lake will produce large numbers of silver fish during the forthcoming colder months. Recent matches have produced bream to 8lb these were caught using just 8metre pole (where the average depth is around 6ft.) in conjunction with soft pellet and sweet corn or maggot and caster combinations. Open ended swim feeder with red ground bait and red maggots is also producing large bags of fish for day ticket anglers. The 48 peg Stream Pool should be treated with a commercial canal style approach. This is very much a mixed fishery with lots of small to medium sized silver fish, tench to 7lb and low double figure carp match weights average around 30lb with odd weights to 50lb+. For a good days fishing it is recommended that micro pellet feed is used with soft pellet or maggot hook baits. The Triangle Pool is a favorite with roach anglers were plenty of 1lb+ fish are present and pole with caster or maggot will ensure a brilliant silver fish session, pegs worthy of a mention are in the area of the large fallen willow tree however, beware as this area also contains plenty of double figure carp. Fishery details can be obtained by: telephone on site coach Chris Sheldon on 01543 433606 or via emailing

Four Crosses Fishery, Hatherton nr Cannock
Situated just off the main A5 at the rear of the Four Crosses pub this three pool complex has been producing some excellent fishing: Lily pool (24pegs) is 2 to 4 ft. deep and caters for match, pleasure and specimen anglers alike, it has recently had a boost with the introduction of lots of stockie carp it also contains carp to 25lb, plenty of crucians (some over 2lbs) tench and bream in the 4/5lb class and hosts of roach and skimmers to 10ozs most methods produce lots of fish however a chopped worm with either caster or maggot is favoured by locals for the silver fish and stockies for the bigger carp paste is the predominant bait at present. Moat pool (12pegs) and Beech pool (14pegs) are very similar being 3 to 5ft. deep and containing a good head of skimmers (with some bream in the 4/5lb class) there are also tench, crucians, roach and medium sized carp. Pole fishing is the order of the day here and during matches a pellet approach ensures that weights are consistently over 30lbs. A maggot approach is favoured by the many junior visitors as this guarantees plenty of bites. The fishery is open on a daily basis and day tickets cost just £4.00 for 1 rod and £6.00 for 2 rods the water is available for club match bookings and open matches are staged at week ends. However, pegs are usually available for pleasure angling. For fishery information contact Mick who is willing to provide regular fishery updates and advice he can be contacted on 07891 468 872.


  1. Ray Elks.

    Aug 26, 2008

    Please see below information about a forthcoming Competition.

    Why not enjoy a day’s fishing at one of the country’s most prestigious fishing locations whilst at the same time raising money for one of North Staffordshire’s leading charities that Supports Victims of Domestic Violence
    (adults and children) and people who find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons?

    As well as the 1st Prize of up to
    there will be numerous other prizes awarded on the day.

    There is a registration fee of only £20 per peg (half of this money will go to Arch and the other half towards the prize money).

    To take part or for more information please contact:

    Ray Elks Arch (North Staffs)

    Tel 07816 059 239
    Charity number 701376

  2. Ray Elks.

    Aug 26, 2008

    Thank you for your interest I look forward to responding to your enquiry.

  3. john pedley

    Mar 13, 2009

    hi can you help me i am disabled i am looking for a very slow moving river that has lots of cover where i can camp for one or two nights and get my car near to where i will be. I live in tamworth, staffs so as near to there as possible thanks

  4. wayne allsopp

    Jun 29, 2009

    hi john, have you had a look or thought about going to anchor meadow on the river avon at harvington just outside eaversham, you can get your car right behind you, its a slow moving river with plenty of fish of all sizes

  5. steve & sharon

    Sep 14, 2009

    Hi to you all i live in Stoke on Trent and go fishing on the Cauldon canal its great for roach perch and bream me and the wife go, She has’nt been fishing for long and she got her first bream and large roach around 3lbs and 4lbs she is now wanting to go all the time now so im a happy man any way if you are up in stoke on trent make sure you have your fishing tackle with you….


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