Mosella F1 Micro Bands

Earlier this year, Mosella introduced the micro pellet band which in my view has completely revolutionised the Bandabait tool making this a must have piece of kit for every coarse or match angler! The micro band is the smallest latex band on the market and it is made from high grade latex. It allows the angler to band pellets from 3mm to 12 mm, the smallest pellet does not look out of place on this band. However put a bigger pellet in the band and it is awesome, it’s possible to catch numerous fish on a single pellet which saves an inordinate amount of time in as match.

This tiny band has made the lasso redundant for me and it is now used for all of my hard pellet fishing. But it’s not only pellets that can be hair rigged by using this band and tool, try banding worms and bread it just might give you that edge that you have been looking for.

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