Penultimate winter league

Dunes at Bake Lakes

The Sunday open at Bake Lakes was on Dunes, I was looking forward to the day as the lake has a large head of silvers and I was keen to fish the maggot and hopefully bag up for half the match on silvers until the Carp moved in and then bag up on Carp, I was armed with 6 pints of maggots, and had a simple plan, how could it fail?  When I arrived at the venue everyone was saying that peg one would win the match with Carp, a few that had practised in the week were confirming that Carp were feeding and that they were congregating in the vicinity of the Duck House. I was starting to have doubts about my plan but felt that if I drew that swim, they would have what I gave them; I did have pellets with me, so at least there was a backup plan.

The ‘Dog walker’ Prouse was out for the second weekend on the trot; it’s great to see that the fishing bug is still biting Steve! We were chatting in the car park and actually missed the shout that the draw had started, consequently we joined the queue near to the back, I was just behind Rod Stokes and would you believe he pulled out fancied peg 1. My dip saw me with peg 20 and I couldn’t get many words of enthusiasm apart from ‘It’s a good summer peg’ Well the sun was shining, so I hoped that the fish would be fooled and move into their summer haunts.

Just not enough water?

I was a little disappointed when I plumbed up and could only find around 3’ of water; ideally I wanted around 5’ containing around 3’ of Roach but wherever I tried I couldn’t find any depth, I was still convinced I could make it work so I set up some 4 x 14 floats to fish the maggot. I did set up a method feeder though, just in case! At the whistle I potted in 250ml of maggots on my 7m line and went out with a double maggot offering and I could see Rod already playing a carp, we really were in trouble! I couldn’t get a bite, Paul Chapman had a carp next to me and I could see several others caught around the lake. After 15 minutes I knew that the maggot wasn’t going to work today so I had a quick couple of casts with the method whilst I changed rigs around. I now had a corn rig to fish at 5m and a pellet rig to fish at 14 metres I fed both lines and stayed on the thod, which produced two carp, well I’m sure they will be carp when they grow up!

Oh no, what’s wrong with the Dog Walker?

I missed a couple of bites on the corn but had a nice spell on the long pole taking several carp, again they were on the small size but it was nice to be catching, it was at this point that I remember looking over to where Prousy was pegged, it really looked like he was getting fed up with it all again as he was slouching further and further down on his box. I must admit thinking that we won’t be seeing him on the bank for awhile and it’s obviously back to the dog walking from now on. An hour or so later and it was a different man I saw sitting there, this one was full of the joys of spring, bolt upright with some chirpy banter, he was still not catching anything, but was well happy. He shouted over the reason for his joyous behaviour, Arsenal had just thumped Tottenham 5 – 2 when I first noticed him the Gooners were two down at halftime and he had received some mickey taking texts, it was his turn now to send out a few Goonergrams!

Maggot worked, in the end!

I had a nice last hour to finish my match, the fish had gone off the pole line but I had returned to the method, catching a few on the pellet but a change to double dead red was the key and it was one a bung. I had changed a little late and finished with 37lb, I definitely felt if I fished this match a little better 3rd or 4th place may have been possible, still I really enjoyed myself in the spring sunshine and actually fished in shirt sleeves for a couple of hours it was that warm!  Rod won the match with 80lb despite a very quiet last couple of hours, when I say quiet I do mean on the fish front! Steve the roofer pushing him with a late surge of Corn caught Carp to end up a couple of fish short on 75lb. It seems that Corn is the bait and feeding around 3 large tins is the crack!

Closer to home

Python Narrows at White Acres

The White Acres mid week match was arranged on Python narrows which made a nice change, 10 anglers turned up for the day and I must admit the bag of dreams was good to me as I pulled out end peg 20 I was more than happy with the draw but secretly wished that it could have been the other end, mind you I wasn’t grumbling! I had some micros, expanders, caster and worms as well as some groundbait with me.  The peg is only 13m wide but offers several options, as far as I knew the narrows hadn’t been fished for a long time and my initial thoughts were that the bottom of the far shelf was going to be a great area to start. Rigs were set up for this line and tight to the far bank in around 18’’ of water, I also had some edge rigs for the near side and a deep water swim all the floats were the new J21 and ranged from 4 x 10 to 4 x 16

J21 4x14 floats

At the start I fed some chopped worm and caster to my right at 7 section of pole and some dampened micros to my left at the same distance, loose fed some casters to the near edge. I started with a worm head and had a Roach within 5 minutes but I wasn’t getting the amount of bites that I expected so I tried an expander on the other line which resulted in a bumped fish that felt large! I tried there for another 15 minutes or so for one skimmer. I could see four anglers to my left before the bend and it didn’t look like much was happening. So, thinking it was going to be hard I plodded on doing what I had been. After an hour with only around 6 fish in the net I felt I had to be a little more positive and over my chopped worm line I fed two big balls of ground bait and to my right I fed another cup of micros and spread these around a little. A ten minute spell down the edge produced one small Perch but I did notice some fishy looking bubbles over the ground bait so I was back out there fast.

To cut a long story short the positive feeding certainly brought the swim to life over both lines and I started getting some Skimmers, Tench and F1’s caught on worm and 4mm expander. I had a good hour and a half before it started to slow. There was the odd one to be taken on the groundbait line but I may have overdone the micros on the left hand swim as it was difficult to get a bite but there was plenty of fizzing! The edge swims remained fishless but the wind had blown some strimming residue into both edges, it was difficult to get where had previously fed.


2nd Place on Python

I fed two new lines one halfway up the far slope and tight over a few fish came from the slope and with 90 minutes to go I went tight over, a Roach was the first fish which is not what I wanted but following on was a nice Fantail and then it was F1 city for 30 minutes, really enjoyable fishing taking plenty of fish on 4mm expander. They did slow down but I managed to keep the odd one coming until the end of the match. I finished with 32lb which was good enough for second place. Harry drew the other end peg and finished top with 44lb most anglers had approaching 20lb and I think everybody enjoyed the fishing and the change of lake. Personally, I learnt plenty and wished my tactics had been more positive from the off, plus I think it would have been better to start over then come down the middle finishing the match over again, but that’s with the benefit of my mate Hindsight!

Round 9 Individual League

The penultimate round of the winter series was an all fish count match and 36 had made the effort to attend. We were pegged on Match Lake, Trelawney, Jennies and Acorn and I was trying the positive mental attitude bit again with the High Bank in my mind. I couldn’t quite believe it when I found peg 27 Match Lake stuck to my hand, it was one of the pegs I really wanted, a potential winning peg.

Great changes on the Match Lake

Clearly Marked casting areas

As I walked round the lake I could see the fisheries team had been really busy in the week, the lake was looking fantastic, neatly trimmed banks and new pegs, proper steps down to the pegs on the low numbers, no more sliding down wet banks! But perhaps one of the most useful improvements is the numbering of the island on the High Bank. Each peg from 15 through to the mid 30’s has a number or clearly defined feature to aim at. The island has been measured and divided up equally (just for the record, the island markers are 6.5m apart) so each angler now has roughly the same amount of space to cast into. No more wondering if your next peg neighbour is drifting into your swim because the bank is slightly angled, it is now obvious to everyone where you can cast, it will stop a lot of moaning, well done lads!

I had Carp on my mind and I needed a good result to try and make the top three, because of the swim I was prepared to fish positively for big fish and hopefully it would work. It was a sunny day but there was a very cold wind, fortunately it was off my back so at least it was comfortable. The table d’hote was simple, micros and 6mm pellets, a few red boilies, and some casters for the VIP’s Tackle wise was a .75 gram Cralusso Capri to fish at 5m near the bottom of the near shelf a J15 4 x 12 to fish the margins and a pellet feeder.

Cast Here!

At the start I fed the 5m line with some dampened micros and cast a pellet feeder towards the number 27 on the island, I guess I waited all of 2 minutes and the tip slammed round and I was playing a Carp, at the very same time there was a huge gust of wind and it blew my 6th and 7th pole section into the margin, fortunately they were joined together, I found myself playing the carp and fishing the sections out at the same time, who says we cannot do two things at once! The Carp was around 3 pound but it was just the start I wanted, especially when the next cast resulted in another Carp of around 2lb I thought it was going to be one of those bagging days on the thod. Well so much for ‘Mr thought’ I just could not get another bite! Next door on peg 26 Nigel Rhodes was starting to get a few on the method, he was casting to his number which is away from the point of the island, it is very frustrating to watch, especially when we are only fishing 6m from each other his tip is going round and mine isn’t, never mind mustn’t grumble. Interestingly the ‘Cornish Yam Yam’ otherwise know as Tony Williams was to my right on peg 29 and he was also struggling for bites fishing to his marker of a buoy between the two islands.

Pole time

I had a look on the 5m pole with 6mm pellet and had a 2lb Bream first go which was nice followed by some skimmers. Unfortunately I lost a foul hooked Carp which swam around in the peg for awhile and spooked my fish. It prompted another go on the feeder but all I managed was an F1 and a Skimmer, it must be that the fish wanted to be away from the point of the island, something to do with the wind is my guess, I just could not find another Carp despite Nigel getting the odd one, he was waiting patiently for each bite though.

I spent the rest of the day on the pole alternating between the 5m line and the margins and I had a really nice match catching some nice Bream and Skimmers at 5m and quite a few VIP’s from down the edge. I lost a few Perch as you do, but managed to keep some fish coming to the net for the last 3 hours including a nice run of big Skimmers in the last 15 minutes. In the end I wish I hadn’t spent so long looking for big fish on the feeder, but I was on a brilliant feeder peg and felt at the time I had to. I knew it was close with Nigel so the weighing was going to be interesting.

Very close result

The scales came around and the results show just how close the match was over the whole White Acres Complex. Personally I just managed to sneak in front of Nigel to win the section but was second  on the lake to Harry who was on peg 13 he had a very nice net of silvers, Man, those lost fish always seem to cost a couple of places! The day’s top three all came from Trelawney with good weights all made up with F1’s. I’m afraid I don’t have a copy of the league to print but can say it is getting very tight at the top of the leader board with a few points separating the top five, that is with the exception of Harry who I don’t think is catchable, unless someone kidnaps him and Duds, even then I think he would win this year’s league.

The top six on the day, a really close match with less than nine pounds separating the top six, I hope the last round is just as good!


1st Andy PATTERSON White Acres 56lb 4oz

2nd Paul CARPENTER Acres, 54lb 14oz

3rd Clint ELLIOTT Preston Innovations 54lb 8oz

4th Harry BILLING Mosella Garbolino 52lb 8 oz

5th Stewart LISTER SPRO 49lb 8oz

6th Nigel RODES White Acres 47lb 0oz



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