Duck Attack!!

It’s getting very close to the time White Acres opens its doors for the holiday season, and with the arrival of the visitors, our open matches sadly come to an end, that is until next November when we can start all over again! I have been cramming as many matches in as possible as the sport has been brilliant, I’ve seen some great catches over the last week or so. There are three matches to report on this issue along with one of the funniest things I have seen on the bank in a long time.

The Wednesday open saw me on peg 29 on the Match Lake, I always seem to run late for these midweek matches as I have a few things to do before the 9.30am draw, today was no exception. Clint drew my peg for me and I must admit I was more than happy with his drawing ability. This peg is on the High Bank and now has buoy placed on the rope between the islands as a casting marker. It was a big fish day for me as I planned on fishing for Carp and Bream, hopefully with a few VIP’s thrown in for good measure.

Feeding some dampened micro pellets and a few 6mm pellets at 5m I went straight out on the pellet feeder just short of the marker hoping for a Carp. I fully expected an early fish but it didn’t come, in fact there was little coming out on the feeder. The aging scribe, Roger Baker to my left on 27 had a couple of F1’s and the odd carp was caught further down the line but not many. My first fish was a skimmer of around 8oz followed by a couple more, it was a nice test for a new rod that I have been trying out recently, it’s a Milo Superba 10’, so far its passed with flying colours. The skimmer bites registering perfectly. I have now caught silvers, Carp and F1’s on this rod and it has proved the perfect tool. The fish count moved up to around 6 in the first 40 minutes and whilst I felt I was staying in touch with those around me I did feel skimmers were not what I wanted on the feeder. I was contemplating a look on the pole to see if the Carp were patrolling around the near shelf.

What’s up duck?

My feathered friends were driving me quackers, every time I fed they were on the feed in seconds, I do feel at times they recognise me and just do it to annoy me personally. But at least all they do to me is try to eat my feed. I took a glance to my left and saw Roger playing a good fish on the pole and I just couldn’t believe what I saw next. A duck flew up from Pats pool just about making it over the high bank, it desperately tried to get some height but failed miserably and  flew straight into the back of Rogers’s head, man he jumped so much he lost the VIP he was playing! Laugh, I nearly fell in I could hardly fish for the next ten minutes I was giggling so much! At first Roger didn’t say anything I don’t think he could quite believe what had just happened, in all the years I have been fishing I have never seen anything like that!

When I could hold the pole again I had a look with the pellet and it resulted in a Bream, first drop which was nice to see, it was followed by some skimmers and Roach. I was getting bites that I was missing, which was really infuriating. I tried a maggot line that I had been feeding around 2’ from the bank and it was solid with small Roach, I enjoyed catching them for awhile but was soon back on the 5m pole. A couple of skimmers came quickly but they were followed by those iffy bites which saw me try the feeder again.  I had another couple skimmers and whilst I was on the tip it dawned on me that the fish were probably up in the water and it was line bites that I was missing on the pole. I made another ‘deep, shallow rig’ rig up which was a 4 x 10 J 12 float  and gave it a go at  4’ deep which is around half depth. I had a bite fairly quickly and was expecting a Roach but my yellow J Range lastix showed differently as a few yards came out, it was a Bream of around 3lb.

I had a great spell on this rig catching some F1’s and Skimmers and another Bream, I was pleased that the penny finally dropped I only wish I had realised earlier, and by that I mean a few weeks ago as I have been missing similar bites for quite some time. I knew fish were shallow but had wrongly assumed they were small Roach, Oh man, mustn’t grumble! I was now looking forward to the float only match on this lake on Sunday when I would be geared up properly!  This match was rounded off nicely by around 15lb of VIP’s from down my right margin in the last hour or so, I really enjoyed the days fishing and felt that I had learnt a lot.

I actually finished second with a nice net of silvers weighing 49lb behind Harry who had 53lb so it was another close match. There were plenty of other weights over 30lb and in the main it was silvers as the Carp didn’t show.

Float only

Pete Thomas

The Sunday open on Pollawyn saw me draw peg 8 on Jennies! A sweep at nearby Gwinear was cancelled and the anglers turned up at White Acres so a few extra pegs had to be added. So much for me waking up early and making some rigs to fish on the match lake. I must admit there was a little rumble of a grumble from myself and next door neighbour Pete Thomas as he also wanted to be on the match lakel, this particular section hadn’t been producing the goods in recent weeks so we felt a little out of it.

I planned on fishing the waggler as there was some fish topping way out in the middle, they were in line with the island to my right, just where the method feeder really works well, trouble was this was a float only match! I set up a 4 gram Cralusso Rocket light, it is the first time in ages that I have set one up and I honestly had forgotten what a joy it is to cast these floats, they fly like a dream and are incredibly accurate, I was hitting the middle of the lake with very little effort. I set up two pole rigs to complete my kit for the day and they were a J12 4 x 12 float to fish on the deck at 14m with worms and a shallow rig which was a J13 complete with a banded hair rig. At the start I potted a large pot of chopped worm and 4mm pellets on the pole line and went straight out on the waggler.

I really enjoyed fishing the waggler it made a nice change, the only problem was I never caught a fish on it, I lost one which felt foul hooked but that was the only bite I had. I was really surprised when a bank walker mentioned that we were nearly an hour into the match, and I still had empty nets, reluctantly I had to put the rod down and pick up the pole. Pete and Andy Patterson to my left had both caught but not had loads of fish, Andy was in front as he had a small Carp and some Roach Pete had a couple of F1’s.

A Brace of Tench

Tony Oatlley With His Jennies Winning Net

46lb - Must Try Harder

Slowly the bites started coming first small Roach but then I had two Tench on the spin followed by a slow spell. I started pinging 6mm pellets at my pole float and a change to pellet on the hook brought two more Tinca’s but again it was slow. A look shallow produced some fish but mainly Roach and the odd F1 there were some good Roach so it was worth doing. Pete next door was unbelievably getting mainly F1’s with the odd Roach! I kept putting the odd pot of worm in and a look back on the deck produced a run of Tench, which were nice sized fish. I was having that period of dilemma, should I stay on the deck looking for Tench or go shallow? I stayed on the deck thinking I was there or there abouts. The last 30 minutes approached and I found I had been waiting longer for bites, a 10 minute period without a fish saw me spend the last spell shallow, a few F1’s followed and as the ‘dog walker’ called time, both Pete and I were slipping the net under an F1, it was going to be close that was for sure.

As the result shows it was very close, apart from Roy who spoilt a very good match!  Shame about those wasted minutes on the waggler but nothing ventured, nothing gained and to be really honest it was nice firing the rocket!

1st Roy Booth White Acres 92lb 15oz (Match lake peg 22)

2nd Andy Partridge SPRO 57lb 8oz (Match lake peg 29)

3rd Tony Oatly White Acres 46lb 14oz (Jenny’s peg 16)

4th Pete Thomas White Acres 46lb 11oz (Jenny’s peg 07)

5th Chris Morris White Acres 46lb 10oz (Match lake peg 24)

6th Stewart LISTER SPRO 46lb 0oz (Jenny’s peg 08)


Last chance Wednesday

Trelawney in March

The last Wednesday open had a disappointing turnout but the few that did turn up had a match to remember as Trelawney really turned on. I drew peg 12 and had for company on peg 10 Mark ‘8mm’ Lazell who is also fast becoming known as ‘One Rod Mark’ The wind was howling down the lake and the maximum pole I could hold was around 7m. I picked two main pole lines, one straight in front of me where I chose a wire stemmed 4 x 14 J8 float and the other at the same distance to my left into the bay which was down wind. I fished the same length of pole as it would make it easy to feed by pole cup during the match. I did have an edge rig which was on the heavy side with Carp in mind. Mark was set up and walking around before I had finished plumbing one of my lines! I do wish that sometimes I could share his single minded approach to my match fishing. But, in some ways I guess I do as I was just as insistent at leaving the lead rod in the bag as he was the pole!


8mm Lazell and Part of His Winning 95lb

Close - 93lb

At the start I fed my two lines with some damp micros and started straight out in front of me, Mark was playing his first F1, Oh man we were in trouble, again and I was wishing my feeder rod was made up. But as I thought that, the float dipped and it was an F1 closely followed by another. The bites didn’t keep coming so I moved to the other swim and there were a few there. I had a nice spell catching well, some Roach amongst the F1’s made for plenty of bites on soft pellet. Mark was still catching and was picking up the odd carp as well as F1’s. The bites slowed to my left so it was time to look out in front again. I had another followed by two on the drop. I was straight in the float draw and had a shallow rig on in seconds, by pinging 4mm pellets and slapping a new float pattern, a J13A which is a shallow float with a bristle I was catching. It was a great match with plenty of fish coming to the net the wind even dropped down a little to make things easier. Towards the end I hooked a real elastic stretcher and a nice Mirror of around 8lb was slipped into the net.

Mark just pipped me those Carp just swaying things as he had 95lb to my 93lb but to be honest it was such a good match I just didn’t care about the result. It was a brilliant match to finish the Wednesday opens with. On the other side it was even better with Roy Booth taking the section and match from peg 23 with 108lb to Harry Billings 107lb in fact the lowest weight was 65lb, brilliant fishing it looks like its going to be a good lake this year.


  1. Neil

    Mar 22, 2012

    Hi Stewart,

    It’s great to hear that WA is fishing so well and hopefully Trelawney will have a good season as it has been a bit indifferent in recent years.

    I can’t wait for the Pairs Festival in June when my partner and I will attempt to to better than last year’s 3rd place.

  2. Jason Smith

    Mar 24, 2012

    great read again stewart! ive just got back from white acres myself and i fished  Trelawney on the last day, it fished its socks off! and had been doing so all week! i noticed they (the fisheries team) have put an “inflow” pipe in at the top end which looks like it comes from this as a result of last years water level problems? ive allways wondered why they didnt put an airator up at that end as the water allways looked a little too still for me!

  3. Stewart

    Mar 24, 2012

    Thanks for your comments guys. I really enjoy the pairs festival Neill, hopefully I will be able to fish it again this year. The White Acres team have done a lot of work over the winter on the complex and are now able to move water around the lakes, hopefully  the levels will remain topped up this year.


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