Second at Southfield

Sunday saw me at the weekly Southfield Reservoir open match; where I was looking to advance on the previous weeks fourth place result. With a turnout of only 22 anglers it looked like the second section of the Reservoir wasn’t needed, if none of you know what Southfield actually looks like its a large expanse of water with a partly sunken wall dividing the Reservoir into two separate waters near enough, which is occasionally filtered with quite a few windsurfers and boats to say the least, besides that the venue also holds a large head of bream and roach.

The Draw

At the draw there was a lot of debating amongst the anglers whether to put pegs 1 and 2 in, with the argument being that recent form being really bad, and these pegs are the furthest walk also, but after alot of umms and arrs it was eventually concluded that they was only going to leave out peg 1 and leave 2 in the bag. It looked destined for me to draw it with my recent form in the bag not being the best at the minute. I waited to nearly the end of the line and when hearing there was only three pegs left in the bag and peg 2 was still there it was still looking likely it was mine, anyways I dipped in and to no suprise to me it was peg 2, with all the others laughing I was still feeling a little confident I could do a decent weight of small fish so off I went with the barrow to make my way up to the dreaded peg.

Plan of Attack

At the start everyone else decided to take a more positive approach for the bream with the feeder but after consideration and looking at the blazing sun it wasn’t ideal conditions so I opted for an all out pole attack. With only three anglers setting up the pole I was even more confident now but still had those negatives of the other anglers at the draw in the back of my mind.


Gear wise I opted to set two rigs up both for at 14.5 metres these being a Jean Francois 0.6 coupled up on a 0.12 fox match micro plus mainline and 0.10 bottom with a middy 6 elastic, this was if the wind got up and also for the bream if they fed also being set 2 inch over depth. The second rig was a 0.4 Colmic Series top wire stemmed pattern for the smaller fish this was set with a 0.10 mainline and a 0.08 bottom being set bang to depth with a 3 middy elastic, the depth was only about 4 and a half feet but when the wind gets up it can really get up as there’s not much cover on the Reservoir. With only 10 minutes left til’ the all in the weather was starting to turn more overcast and I ended setting a feeder rod up just in case so a Kevin Leach feeder was coupled to a 2 and a half foot tail of 0.12 fox match micro plus.

The Mix
The groundbait for the day comprised of 20% brown crumb, 20% sensas IM5 (yellow) and 60% super bremes 3000 with fishmeal with loose offerings of casters and pinkies and a few sweetcorn particles being added also.

All In
The all in was called and I cupped in 12 orange sized balls at 14.5 metres then proceeded to put 20 feeder full’s out at about 45 yards on my feeder line. I then advanced to fish on my pole line for the start of the match taking about 27 small skimmers in the first hour after another 3 small fish taking the tally up to 30 fish inside the first hour and ten I decided to put an extra ball in to up my catch rate a little more. This slowed the swim even further down so I decided a quick look on the feeder line with a single dendrabeona was the best alternative within about a minute of the feeder settling the tip whacked round only to be in the shape of a 2oz perch, another cast saw me wait two minutes before a liner but whilst this had happened a stupid windsurfer came a too little close and fell off smack on my feeder line so a few negative words were shouted and I ended up abandoning the feeder swim now and turn my full attention to the pole line for the rest of the entire match.

Going into the second hour I had about 45 fish and was setting a decent pace compared to Stephen Whitfield on the next peg, I continued to catch steady for the rest of the 6 hour match and ended up with 134 small roach and skimmers with the odd 5oz gracing the net along the way.

The Weigh-In

At the weigh-in reports were that nobody had caught well with the bream not showing at all in force and my predicted 20lb was looking healthy to frame, my fish ended making the pin settle on 23lb 12oz which meant that was good enough for second behind local expert Daz who ended up with 30lb off the arm.

Thursday sees me at Candy Corner and Sunday the Don at Spotbrough on the newly organised opens.

Tight Lines til’ then,


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  1. john

    Apr 26, 2012

    hi mark just read your post with great interest southfield has been recomended to me as a good bream water.
    myself and a few pals are of to ireland in a few weeks time
    and was thinking of trying out southfield for a bit of practise this sunday .29th april.
    if there is an open on every sunday are there any more pegs worth trying?
    whats the access like would i need the barrow lol.
    any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated thanks



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