2010 Baseball All Star Game Fan Review

Ubaldo Jimenez got the start for trinidad today a World Baseball Classic. He is also versatile enough to play tackle [&hellip

Bloodworm V Maggot

Sheffield anglers Matt Godfrey and Tom Scholey lock horns in a bloodworm v maggot battle at Lakeside Fisheries, Ranskill. Tom’s [&hellip

Wierpool Magic!

Imagine having your own private weirpool. We doubt there’s many river anglers who wouldn’t relish the dream, but let’s get [&hellip

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!!!

Preparation! We had a request for an article about preparation, so we’ve decided to do a three piece one. It’s [&hellip

Pellet Fishing With Stockings?

ATTENTION all anglers who fish pellets. Unless you want to run the risk of rifling through your other half’s underwear [&hellip

Ton Up On River Bream!

Fishing4Funs Tom Legge headed down to Hertfordshire to see members of one of Britain’s oldest clubs enjoying amazing bream sport [&hellip

Cracking Commercial Silvers!

Fishing4Fun took a trip round the M25 see why North London teenager Gary Manoli rates day ticket Lake John – [&hellip

Jake Marshall – So You Want To Fish For England?!

Representing their country is every boys dream, whether it is football, rugby, hockey or even bowls. However, for one boy [&hellip

Bloodworm & Joker- A Beginners Guide

Many anglers are under the impression that fishing bloodworm and joker is a complex art, practised only by a handful [&hellip

Fishing the Lollipop Float

With the floods of 2007 ravaging the Don valley, right from its source in the hills above Sheffield down to [&hellip

Joe’s Maggot Magic

If you were to ask the majority of anglers to pick a bait that will get them a bite at [&hellip

A Meat-ing To Remember

When catching a lot of fish is on the cards, few baits are more effective than luncheon meat. Tom Scholey [&hellip

Rothery on pellet fishing

Love them or hate them, pellets are the number one bait on commercial fisheries. Indeed, at a lot of waters [&hellip

Fishing Chopped Worm

To do consistently well on the modern match scene, versatility is essential. Having the ability to adopt your approach to [&hellip

Paste Fishing With Rob Hitchens

Despite the fact that paste accounts for hundreds of ton up bags of carp, many anglers are scared to try [&hellip

Puller Float Fishing

The puller, or sliding stick, is a method which catches tons of silver fish every summer on the Sheffield and [&hellip

Mushroom Float Fishing

They’ve sprouted up seemingly out of nowhere. Their fans reckon they’re magic, and often absolutely deadly! And if you fish [&hellip

Red Revolution!

Red Revolution! Alternatively it could be green, black or brown – for the new Atomic Cloud additive from GOT Baits [&hellip