Specimen Fishing

Chasing The Ladies!

After a few really tough winter matches, scratching around for a few bites on frozen carp puddles me and Matt [&hellip

Day Ticket Catfish

Catfish are more accessible than most anglers ever imagine. And you don’t need a bivvy, bedchair or deep pockets, as [&hellip

Grabbed And Gone Fishing!

Like most guys at the hardcore end of the specimen carp scene, Mitch Smith used to stack up the hours, [&hellip

Zander Fishing On The Great Ouse

Crossing the Old Course of the River Nene at Outwell on my winding journey to the lower reaches of the [&hellip

Late Season Perch Fishing

During the final weeks of the season it is probably easier to catch a big river perch than at any [&hellip

Specimen Yorkshire Tench

My love affair with tench probably began nearly forty years ago when I witnessed the capture of a four-pounder from [&hellip

Specimen Golden Orfe

I’ve been a regular visitor to Anglers Paradise in Devon for more years than I care to remember. Although it’s [&hellip

Barbel Fishing on the Trent

Twin rods point skywards, silhouetted against a setting sun. I’m relaxing on a bed chair, inches from the rod butts, [&hellip

Mobile Barbel Fishing

Time for a cuppa! I’ve just spent two hours choosing half a dozen swims and carefully baiting them. The heat [&hellip

Barbel Fishing – Small Rivers

I lay on my belly, peering through the foliage into two feet of crystal clear water. Fronds of streamer weed [&hellip

Don Valley Barbel

Go back ten years and the River Don wouldn’t exactly have sprung to mind if you were talking about Yorkshire [&hellip