Learn To Fish

Meat Fishing

If you were to approach ten anglers and ask them there opinions on meat fishing, the chances are five of [&hellip

Pole Elastic: The Basics

When we start talking about pole fishing, there are loads of different items that spring to mind, many of which [&hellip

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!!!

Preparation! We had a request for an article about preparation, so we’ve decided to do a three piece one. It’s [&hellip

Chopped Worm Fishing

The main advantages of fishing with chopped worms and casters is the diversity of the bait, it will catch everything [&hellip

Pellet Fishing

Pellets are probably the cheapest and most widely available bait of them all. It will be difficult to cover every [&hellip

Ide – Basic Knowledge

Over the past few years, the UK has seen a new fish become very popular in commercial style fisheries, the [&hellip

Bream – Basic Knowledge

The bream is an absolute legend of a fish. What more could an angler want than to be sat in [&hellip

Chub – Basic Knowledge

I’ve got to say as an angler that the chub is one of my Favourite fish to catch. Naturally, the [&hellip

Perch – Basic Knowledge

Perch have got to be one of the most under rated fish in fresh water. On the bank you hear [&hellip

Turbo-Charged Tench Sport

Less than a mile from the Santa Pod track – famed Worldwide for dragster racing – lies a tranquil haven [&hellip

Squatts….Know How.

Squatt fishing is one of those methods that anglers either love or hate, but if you want to be an [&hellip

Make Your Own Groundbait

This is a groundbait we have been using on our match circuit for many years to great effect for carp [&hellip

Wack’em with the Waggler!

The waggler is one of the oldest methods ever used in angling. It has always been a popular method with [&hellip

Tench – Basic Knowledge

The tench has got to be one of the most satisfying fish to catch in fresh water. It offers everything, [&hellip

Threading Up a Pole Top Kit

Threading Up a Pole Top Kit You will need… A top kit Some elastic A diamond eye pole threader A [&hellip

Rudd- Basic Knowledge

The Rudd is a fantastic fish to catch, and will guarantee bites all year round. At first glance the Rudd [&hellip

Chasing the ladies….

Fishing4fun’s Gaz Malham takes us for a day after grayling on northern rivers. Few coarse anglers bother with fishing for [&hellip

Fishing Your First Match

Taking the step up from pleasure angler to match angler is regarded by many as a daunting move. After all, [&hellip

Open Ended Feeder Fishing

Open ended feeder fishing is amongst the most popular and effective methods on waters with a large head of fish, [&hellip