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Sports Briefs Feeling Supersonic

Hardly any games will be won by scoring a measly seven points. There are cheap jerseys also videos and CDs [&hellip

Turbo-Carp and Fishing In A Goldfish Bowl!

My ‘long pole to the island week’ that I was looking forward to had a good start, but steadily declined [&hellip

Lies, Thieves, and Skullduggery!

Right! Let’s get something out of the way before we get onto the fishing! Regular readers (or should that be [&hellip

Winter Tactics Required ?

My usual midweek outings were somewhat curtailed by hospital visits again, but they old nuts seem to be behaving themselves [&hellip

Barlborough, Barnburgh and Barbel!

Last week I commented on how everything seemed to be moving into winter mode, the fish shoaling up tightly, and [&hellip

Off Come The Wheels!

Many weeks ago I stated that when the wheels fall off for me they often do so in quite spectacular [&hellip

Enjoy the Tripp?

Well, after yet another week where my midweek match calendar was decimated by doctors’ visits and other stuff, one good [&hellip

A Bit Of A Tangle!

Talk about coming back to earth with a bump! After my Houdini act with the unseasonal biscuit-loving carp last week, [&hellip

Get Out Of Jail!

Now then! Back to the grindstone with the blogging! I meant to start on Sunday night, while all the week’s [&hellip

Cruising To Victory!

 Only two matches to report on this week due to another round of hospital visits with me mam & dad, [&hellip

Dr Evil Strikes Back!

The scare with my mam last weekend that saw me break the land speed record on my way home from [&hellip

Sky Lining for Beginners!

Like I said last time, pointing out that I was in the middle of a good run was bound to [&hellip

On Fire!

I signed off last time saying I was making my debut on a couple of new venues, which I was [&hellip


Wa-hey! Finally back in the fold folks! I’ve said it before on these pages; computers ain’t my strong point, and [&hellip

A Breath Of Fresh Air!

Last week’s long overdue win at Barlborough, together with a fishing-free week, saw me eager to get going Saturday for [&hellip

Swings and Roundabouts!

It’s been a real roller-coaster of a weekend for me folks, finally breaking me duck up at Barlborough, but really [&hellip

Silver Lining!

I signed off last time after a dismal showing at KJS, with an early bath after just two fish had [&hellip

The Gypsy Returns!

Heyup folks, back in the fold after a couple of trips to the caravan with Mandy during the week, catching [&hellip

A week of mixed fortunes!

One of my favourite techniques, possibly THE favourite, is catching shallow. I’m not fussy about the species, carp obviously build [&hellip

Shallow Success!

Sorry about the delay folks, it’s just that the matches have been coming thick and fast just of late, with [&hellip

A Trip To The Dentist…

I’ve just returned from a trip to the dentists, where a clean bill of health for another six months was [&hellip

Tale From The Commercial Bank

Heyup folks, Wraggy here again, with another ‘tale from the commercial bank’. I know it use to be riverbank but [&hellip

First Ton Of The Year!

Only two matches to report this week guys, but plenty of talking points in them, so here goes. Mandy & [&hellip

The ‘Million Bites Week’

Hmm. The ‘million bites week’ didn’t exactly go to plan! It was more like a ‘what went wrong week’, but [&hellip

From Barracuda to Bank End!

Heyup folks, Wraggy here reporting for duty fresh from two stunning weeks in Mexico! Best holiday I’ve ever had, hot [&hellip