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2010 Baseball All Star Game Fan Review

Ubaldo Jimenez got the start for trinidad today a World Baseball Classic. He is also versatile enough to play tackle [&hellip

On a roll

As I packed the better half off to work, she thought it would it be best to remind me that [&hellip

One for the Pot

With the shortage of decent matches in our area, and the fact that I’ve had a couple of quiet months [&hellip

On a flyer

It was Wednesday again and it was my chance again to see if I and the other 14 anglers booked [&hellip

Last in the queue

Today been Wednesday meant it was my weekly jaunt to Theale Pits. Suprisingly there were only 10 of us booked [&hellip

Greenridge Farm

Well I’ve misssed a few matches since I last updated my blog but rather than try to remember all the [&hellip

The highs and lows of match fishing

Well you could say my last few weeks fishing have been somewhat of a roller coaster, infact somewhat of an [&hellip

Whiteacres revisited

Having fished one of the spring festivals back in March at Whiteacres, I was keen to get back down there [&hellip

Spanner in the works

Apologies to everyone for my delay in updating my blog but the matches have come thick and fast lately, much to [&hellip

Seconds away, round 2

It had been over 5 months since I last fished Theale Pits, this was our christmas match which ended in [&hellip

Northern Raider

No prizes where I was heading to today, there was only one place I was going and that was Rolfs. [&hellip

Blinkered approach

Well today I was off to Rolfs yet again to fish the Good Friday pole only open. It is premarily a [&hellip

Welcome tonic

Today was the last match in the teams of 3 at Rolfs and I was in A section which on [&hellip

Dynamite Baits Festival 2009

Well this was to be my first ever fishing festival and my first ever visit to Whiteacres. I arrived down [&hellip

Spring at Last

With what has seamed the longest winter in memory and the fishing being the poorest I can remember, things were [&hellip

Not What The Doctor Ordered

Following on from my Supercup match 2 weeks ago, which was tough to say the least I was back on team duty today [&hellip

Cup Fever

Today was our Supercup match and for the first time since I joined South Reading,we had been drawn at home [&hellip

Back On Winning Tracks

Today we were off to Bowsaw and Billhook, it is a pair of man made lakes about a 1/2 hour [&hellip

Chomping at the bit

Well it was nearly five weeks since I had managed to get out and do a bit of fishing and [&hellip

One Out Of The Frame

Normally the first Saturday of the month means I will book myself into my local match on Theale Pits but [&hellip