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Sensas Challenge 2009!!!

This month has seen me fish the Sensas Challenge UK final with the Barnsley team at Barston Lakes and Packington [&hellip

Is it Summer Yet???

Lindholme has been my regular haunt this winter, trying to get as much practice for the WL semi this month, [&hellip

The Blogs Are Back!

Sorry for the lack of blogs over Christmas, I’ve had some A-level exams and had to apply to university and [&hellip

Anyone For a Pikelet?

Over the festive period, myself and angling companion, Tom Scholey, had planned something totally different from our usual intense match [&hellip

Battered at Barston!

I was really pleased to be asked to fish with 4 other of my Barnsley team mates in the International [&hellip

Freezing at Lindholme!

This week saw me travel back to Lindholme lakes for the winter league, where the ‘winter’ side of things certainly [&hellip

Double Lindholme!

The last two weeks have seen me fishing matches at Lindholme lakes. I Joined the Winter League along with Sir [&hellip

AT Winter Leagues

The last two weekends have seen me fishing the Angling Times Winter League with Maver Barnsley. Round 2 was on [&hellip

White Acres- Maver Festival

Eyup everyone! Sorry for the delay of getting my blogs on lately, I’ve had loads of work to catch up [&hellip

Barnsley Debut, Divison One National

The first match that I was to fish with the Barnsley Blacks was the NFA Division 1 National, which was [&hellip

Back to Kiveton

This weekend saw me venture back down to Kiveton Waters, where I fished a few matches earlier in the year. [&hellip

An evening at Carterhall

I didn’t fish a match this weekend, although I did go pleasure fishing (supposedly practice for White Acres) on Sunday [&hellip

Tipping it on the Trent, Bream at Barston, and then the Aire!

Since the world champs I haven’t been doing much serious match fishing. I dropped onto one of the Carter Hall [&hellip

World Championships 2008…What a Week!

Eyup everybody, sorry for the lack of blogs I’ve put on lately, but the last three weeks have been really [&hellip

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

The Drennan Super League was an absolute disaster for the Triana North team and me! I wrote about the practice [&hellip

NFA Regional National

This weekend saw me fishing the NFA regional national which was held on the Stainforth and Keedby canal through Thorne. [&hellip

Battling to go to Belgium!!!

On of the main events on the agenda at this time of the year is always the England Youth Trials. [&hellip

Sun on the Stainy!

Now the summers here (supposedly!) I’ve got some serious team fishing to look forward to with the Triana North Lads, [&hellip

Memorial Match at Riverside.

This Saturday was the Charity/Memorial match at Riverside fishery for one of the guys in Worksop Angling Supplies, Trevor, who [&hellip

Wetlands Workout

Well, a night out with Tom and ‘Big Matt’ left us a bit jagged round the edges at the Wetlands [&hellip

Catastrophe at Kiveton!!!

The Sunday before last saw me fish the local open at Kiveton Waters, and what a windy one it turned [&hellip

An F1 Stickle-back!!!

Last Sunday saw me down at the local BW Kiveton Waters fishery after a few weeks of good fishing down [&hellip


Tuesday was the first evening match this year at our local BW Kiveton Waters. The draw is at 5:15 we [&hellip

Cursing at Kiveton!!!

I didn’t know what to expect after all the warm weather, but im not complaining, its reyt nice! On sunday [&hellip

Too many lines at Lindholme!!!

It was another open match weekend last week, with Balbrough lakes on Saturday, and Lindholme on Sunday. I had only [&hellip