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Drennan Super League Round 1 – Colemans Cottage

Saturday saw us at Colemans Cottage for the first round of the Drennan Super League. This is our first foray [&hellip

Three Tons in a week !

Well what a fantastic weeks fishing I’ve just had. I fished three matches won 2 of them and came third [&hellip

The rain in Spain falls mainly in Essex !!!!!!

With the Drennan Super league approaching fast and the first round at Colemans Cottage I rang up on Monday to [&hellip

Gold Valley, more a Bronze for me.

Round three of the Summer League was at Gold Valley which most people will know is one of the top [&hellip

Pussy on a Racetrack – No its not F1

With round two of the Summer League at Mushroom Farm (aka Falkenville) in Hailsham, Sussex I spent the week preparing [&hellip

Not Even Close to A Cigar – Dynamite, No I wasn’t !!

A week in Spain prior to the Dynamite Baits Festival at Whiteacres was all very nice but if there is [&hellip

Bottle of Scotch remains in London

With the Dynamite Baits festival fast approaching I have been spending much of my spare time sorting out kit, rigs [&hellip

Ski Sunday is Back

With no team commitments over the bank holiday weekend and strict instructions that I was only allowed out on Sunday [&hellip

Welcome to South of Watford

Having been introduced to the website by Stewy Lister and then speaking to Tom I am pleased to have joined [&hellip